We have a collection of interviews and highlights from Mysore and even a trip to Kowshika to visit the Jois extended family at the home in which Guruji was raised. Content will be updated periodically so stay tuned.

During conference in Mysore, R. Sharath Jois discusses relishing your practice and the role of a Guru as it relates to
our practice.


Guruji's daughter, Saraswati Jois, talks briefly about her father and how she'll always teach his method, never changing what he taught her. Plus we get a glimpse of her teaching in Mysore as well. 


Manju Jois chanting verses to the guru while teaching in Bali. Nice to hear during Guru Purnima.



Here we meet members of the Jois family in Kowshika, where Guruji was born. They are related through Guruji's brother and are see here in the Jois family home. 


R. Sharath Jois talks more about growing up around his grandfather...and Guruji's legendary affinity for coffee and for caring for his family.